Youth access prevention programs in Hungary

Member companies of the Hungarian Association of Tobacco Industry (HATI) have proved their commitment to prevent youngsters from accessing tobacco products through a number of country-wide information programs. Campaigns entitled "Responsible Retailers" were organized by HATI each autumn between 1999 and 2006.

This Program entailed employees of HATI companies visiting tens of thousands of retail shops and hospitality venues with a view to provide legal and practical advice to the retailers and shop owners on why and how to prevent youth access to tobacco products. Retailers have also been provided with information leaflets and brochures to reinforce the message. The high standing project launched by the Association was regularly supported by a number of high standing politicians - incl. Minister of Health in 2006 -, government institutions, civil organisations and NGOs.

On October 5, 2006 the Hungarian Association of Tobacco Industry convened a joint Press Conference with Government Representatives and Representatives from several civil organizations at the Club of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences concerning the Program for October 2006. During this conference the Information packages, which will be distributed to retailers during the "Responsible Retailers" Program, were shown. In addition to this a Press Statement was also released.

Further information (in Hungarian) on the Responsible Retailers Program for 2006 is available at the following site:

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